Invitations no. 3 – Watercolor (brown)

Just occurred to me that my personal little artistic imprint has always been through the watercolor medium (and while green won’t be my thing) I thought these might be a neat idea, in brown…


thanks to 100 Layer Cake (who I think also shares my Hungarian heritage!) for the inspiration!


Invitation ideas no.2 – Papernut

Found another set of lovely samples of invitations via Lovely Morning, featuring Papernut’s paper creations.

I do love the teal and brown combo!


Simple and Sweet – Invitations and Notes

What a great little letterpress Etsy shop (Bread + Butter)!

Check out this lovely invitation idea, insert your dates, names, addresses, and be done with it! (found via Visual Notes)


and how about this ever-needed reminder note


or this very sweet love note (indented text reads “please don’t break my [heart]”


Build your own Playlist

Came across this neat idea from Mint (who was organizing music as part of her wedding planning), of creating your own playlists by creating an account on YouTube.

Here’s a helpful instructional video for 3 different ways to manage your playlist.

Feel free to add to this meagre start (name=thehoneydoproject)

New York – gardening addendum

So along with the beachy/shoppy/seafoody/NYC adventures that I’m sure await me on a roadtrip to New York, allow me to add the following…

A few days past I managed to catch a bit of the Martha Stewart show, which as always, is alternately nauseating (due to the impossible perfection craziness) and inspiring (due to duping me into thinking that I, too, can someday acheive such perfection craziness!).

As the final segment of her show, she brought on a lovely lady, who spoke on behalf of the Wave Hill New York Public Gardens.





It’s officially added to the list! This 28-acre public garden and cultural center overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades in the Bronx, is full of gorgeous spaces, art events, concerts, cooking demonstrations, even bee-keeping classes!!!!

Be still my beating heart 🙂

Honeymoon before we Honey-do

So before shacking up, and embarking on the actual real work of my ever-growing Honey-Do list, the honey and I will probably be looking to get hitched and get away from it all for a while.

I took another blow-out European trip last summer, and decided to make the timing coincide with switching energies away from international ticket purchases, and toward finding and building a home. A girl can only do so much! So as far as a honeymoon, we’re definitely looking to do something domestic, and frugal, and fun. While I’ll definitely be adding to my world-travel-to-do list over the next few years – there’s just so much to see and do right here stateside!

Just a quick disclaimer – I may yet fight for the teeniest bit of shore-jumping, just a wee bit over the border to some Carribbean getaway – but otherwise, I think a roadtrip with my honey would be super sweet 😀

We’re pretty well decided on New York – both for a quick stop in the city, but probably more for a campy-roady trip around Long Island.

Did you know there are over 50 vineyards planted on approximately 3000 acres of Long Island??? I had no idea, here’s a list for starters.


And lots of campgrounds, and beaches, and seafood! Ok, so I’ll leave the fire building to my pyromaniac, and he can leave the seafood gorging and beach lazing to me 🙂

Cutchogue Beach in Southoldcutchogue_beach_stairs

the Hamptonshamptonsbeach

Montauk Pointmontauk-beach