New York for the Beginner

I have a feeling I’m getting ahead of myself with the whole New York thing – but what the hell – I feel like I’m always getting ahead of myself. Skipping a few steps ahead, and reminding myself to try to be present now 🙂

Anyways, already back to a few steps ahead…found NYMag’s guide to first-time New York City visitors, what a great little starter course to the city, with plenty of ever-helpful pictures.

Grand Central Station


A handy hint for the Empire State Building:

“Because of long lines, your journey to the top can stretch as long as two hours. (Which might be as long as it would take on the stairs.) To save time, purchase printable tickets online in advance (”


and how to best combine seeing both Lady Liberty and visiting Ellis Island (which, for my own particular heritage journey, the latter will be much more interesting, since my poor grandmother was so ill from the transatlantic journey that she never saw the statue – but we’ll have to check on honey’s preferences too)


and I think I’ll have to dedicate an entire post to this next one – I’ll have to find some kind of manly activity for him to stay occupied while I waste half a day in here