Blue Star Range

Doing a little kitchen-dreaming, and imagining that I, and the honey, have the gastronomic skills to warrant such a crazy great range.

Blue Star RCS Series

Blue Star RCS Series

No doubt it’s a stretch – but for such a splurge – he assures me that should we outgrow our little fixer-upper, we could take it with us. This gives me somewhat of an excuse to lump this in under my other ‘investments”- going along with the whole admirable theory of buy less, buy quality – so that you’ll never have to buy another after! For those curious, this range tops out over $3,000 – check it out here.

I know, still a stretch, but God bless his optimism! With the frigid weather and my tiny apartment, the last thing I need is rain on this evening’s dream-parade  🙂