DIY Lighting

I know I mentioned trying to duplicate a David Weeks lighting piece in my last post here, but what the hell, my DIY energies are going gangbusters in this hellhole (aka Ohio end of winter ๐Ÿ˜‰

How about trying this great ‘Propeller-Meridian’ design? again via Remodelista


How about this classic Nelson clock (from DWR)?


I could do this people!!


Travertine Scrap Ideas

(Honey here) I’m in the middle of doing a massive travertine coated bathroom at work, and have been collecting all of the leftover scraps to re-use. Maybe in a bathroom wall (cutting the scraps into small subway tiles), or doing a random square/rectangle kitchen backsplash?

I’m excited to be able to re-use it, especially since it would otherwise be thrown in the junk pile – hopefully it will come out nicely. While I did upload the picture, I have no idea how to insert it in this post, maybe someone else can do it, *wink* *wink*.


I got your back hon, see lovely photos belowย  ๐Ÿ˜›

Light travertine subway tile backsplash kitchen found via RamblingRenovators

or how about how about chopping it up to make a tiny square mosaic wall


or some mini travertine bricks in the bathroom


Antique Repro Chess Pieces

Here’s a little sneak-peak at the latest project on my DIY docket – a gaming table – as in, a small table with a chess board inset.

Dad and I went to the lumber yard, and have been piecing together this little project over the past few months, and I wanted to share the chess pieces that started it all.

They are antique reproduction, and contrary to the standard black and white, these are red and white (which apparently was a popular combination back in the day, when the pieces were constructed of wood and painted). I really enjoyed the details and decided it would be a great impetus for another dad & daughter carpentry project.

Will show more as it nears completion (working on the inner box lining at the moment), but for now, here are the pieces still wrapped!


red chess pieces

white chess pieces

chess set

Now if only my chess skills were as sweet as my chess pieces…

Free Green House Plans

While starting from scratch might not be our current direction, it’s fun to think of maybe someday rounding up cash to buy the house AND build and customize a little pad to put on it.

From Re-Nest, found directions to FreeGreen, a website that offers 8 sets of free building plans, with individual and customizable (fee-per-change) options. Without creating an account, you can browse less detailed plans, energy features, energy performance, virtual tour, graphical renderings and the SIP layout.ย 

Check out this great little “Comfortable Cape” model…

The website even goes into detailed interior renderings, including this white and spacious dining room (hello, built-in storage space ideas to steal!)

Along with the aesthetic inspirations, there was a rather in-depth section on energy usage and profiles, even broken down by a sampling of regional areas:

Living in Dust – NY Times

Found a NY Times article entitled “Living in Dust” detailing the account of a 400 sq. ft. Chelsea apartment remodel by Mark Robohm, a drummer and Web designer.

After taking the leap to actually own a small piece of the Manhattan pie (for a mere $220,000) he got started right away on a gut renovation, which he completed largely by himself, for less than $12,000!

Not only was it the usual extreme makeover success story, but it was a reality-check to have him recall the non-glamour of vaccuuming off the dust on his pillow every night before bed.

Yeah, it takes a certain kind of person to take on that kind of work/life arrangement…

Small House Movement

“It’s, like, a really cool, empowering thing.”

So says Dee Williams in a SeattlePI article here, a hazardous-waste inspector at the Department of Ecology in Olympia. She built a teensy home along with a group of like-minded individuals at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Compound, which is an extreme example of the “small-house movement,” which seeks to counter the McMansionization of America with an ethos of sustainability.

Check out model B-53 (which just happens to coincide with the name of the group that sang “Love Shack” – although this little baby bungalow looks more cozy New England than sexy rendezvous joint ๐Ÿ™‚ )