Colors – from Lucky

Found a great house on Dwell’s slidshows, loved so much of it that every picture in the show gave me ideas for colors (albeit for different spaces than the owner’s had):

Great navy exterior, I’m still thinking would be great for a bathroom, plus with the great combination with the sage green, the ochre, the wood, and of course bright white!


And love the pink/red couch, I need to go fabric shopping (plus, note the shared affection with the nelson ball clock on the far right wall)


Love the combo of the couch, with the gray rug and all that light and light wood


And then, love this lighter-than-robin-egg blue, which is great with the white and light wood, which I’m thinking of translating into an office space



Colors – All together now v1.0

Just to keep track of some of my color scheming on a recent picture trolling while stuck inside (sick again!) on a cold and rainy Sunday.

First, how about a beautiful pop of lime, in an otherwise light-oyster-white dining room, to off-set my lovely and homemade dark mahogany dining table. I’m thinking I’ll slip-cover the chairs in a bit of off-white linen, and voila! Perfect – especially leading out to a patio, perhaps with a few pots filled with little plants? Check out this combo, via Remodelista


and these lovely lime-bits (and pear!) via Bloesem


concrete-mix pots via Shelterrific for Obleek


and then to merge the dining area into the kitchen area, this shot, via HouseBeautiful (though always a tad traditional for my taste though), seems to have good things going for it – including lots of white, but still carrying through with some of the rich brown (do people who really cook really have white countertops?)

kitchenthemeNow in this kitchen though, I do need to take advantage of my travertine subway tile supply (scraps!) – and while 10KKitchenRemodel’s interpretation is not what I’d do for cabinetry, color or size (theirs is more brick than subway), I did want to document the look of a travertine backsplash.


Still debating on the flow to the living room – probably keep it pretty light – maybe even white? and then over to the stairs, I SO think I’m going to get in over my head and try to make a copy of this light fixture (sorry David Weeks – I know yours is the original and the perfect, but I can’t afford!). Shall I go to a blue-ish scheme as we head up the stairwell?

stairlightOnce at the top, in a little half-bath, I do so love the idea of this deeper-than-navy blue (via Domino), just rocking off the crisp pure white (and have added the lovely diagonal floor-pattern to the honey-do list!)

bluebathAnd finally, on the outside, to wrap up all these color-bits and pieces, I’d really love to go to a classic and demure gray/white scheme


Travertine Scrap Ideas

(Honey here) I’m in the middle of doing a massive travertine coated bathroom at work, and have been collecting all of the leftover scraps to re-use. Maybe in a bathroom wall (cutting the scraps into small subway tiles), or doing a random square/rectangle kitchen backsplash?

I’m excited to be able to re-use it, especially since it would otherwise be thrown in the junk pile – hopefully it will come out nicely. While I did upload the picture, I have no idea how to insert it in this post, maybe someone else can do it, *wink* *wink*.


I got your back hon, see lovely photos below  😛

Light travertine subway tile backsplash kitchen found via RamblingRenovators

or how about how about chopping it up to make a tiny square mosaic wall


or some mini travertine bricks in the bathroom