Build your own Playlist

Came across this neat idea from Mint (who was organizing music as part of her wedding planning), of creating your own playlists by creating an account on YouTube.

Here’s a helpful instructional video for 3 different ways to manage your playlist.

Feel free to add to this meagre start (name=thehoneydoproject)


White Kitchen

This one is gosh darn close to what I think I’d like to do with the major elements in a white kitchen, via Stephmodo’s Kitchen of the Month series

kitchen-of-the-monthI also am taking note of good ways to store big pots and pans, how does this rack seem (via


Bedframe search

It seems I’ve been trying to find the right bedframe for about a million years now…

Here’s some of the options I’ve been looking at:

A spare, bamboo-headboard from CB2

tatamiThis dark-stained storage bed (pull-out drawers) from West Elm

storageand have been thinking of daybeds for a porch/greenhouse area, for extra sleep space for extra guests, like this Taru bed from Z Galleries



Ok, I hereby swear to myself, I will never never never buy anything online again, until I have first googled for coupons! Check out Promotion

I don’t know why on earth I haven’t done this before – always waiting and hoping for someone to send me a little 10% coupon by snail mail – when all along, right at my fingertips, I can take my pick of any number of promotions!


I doubted it – so went ahead and screened the coupons with a ‘fake’ checkout – and it’s for real!

DIY Lighting

I know I mentioned trying to duplicate a David Weeks lighting piece in my last post here, but what the hell, my DIY energies are going gangbusters in this hellhole (aka Ohio end of winter 😉

How about trying this great ‘Propeller-Meridian’ design? again via Remodelista


How about this classic Nelson clock (from DWR)?


I could do this people!!

Colors – All together now v1.0

Just to keep track of some of my color scheming on a recent picture trolling while stuck inside (sick again!) on a cold and rainy Sunday.

First, how about a beautiful pop of lime, in an otherwise light-oyster-white dining room, to off-set my lovely and homemade dark mahogany dining table. I’m thinking I’ll slip-cover the chairs in a bit of off-white linen, and voila! Perfect – especially leading out to a patio, perhaps with a few pots filled with little plants? Check out this combo, via Remodelista


and these lovely lime-bits (and pear!) via Bloesem


concrete-mix pots via Shelterrific for Obleek


and then to merge the dining area into the kitchen area, this shot, via HouseBeautiful (though always a tad traditional for my taste though), seems to have good things going for it – including lots of white, but still carrying through with some of the rich brown (do people who really cook really have white countertops?)

kitchenthemeNow in this kitchen though, I do need to take advantage of my travertine subway tile supply (scraps!) – and while 10KKitchenRemodel’s interpretation is not what I’d do for cabinetry, color or size (theirs is more brick than subway), I did want to document the look of a travertine backsplash.


Still debating on the flow to the living room – probably keep it pretty light – maybe even white? and then over to the stairs, I SO think I’m going to get in over my head and try to make a copy of this light fixture (sorry David Weeks – I know yours is the original and the perfect, but I can’t afford!). Shall I go to a blue-ish scheme as we head up the stairwell?

stairlightOnce at the top, in a little half-bath, I do so love the idea of this deeper-than-navy blue (via Domino), just rocking off the crisp pure white (and have added the lovely diagonal floor-pattern to the honey-do list!)

bluebathAnd finally, on the outside, to wrap up all these color-bits and pieces, I’d really love to go to a classic and demure gray/white scheme


Brownie Bedrooms – ala GOOP

Thinking of sleep and bedrooms – I think I need an early night tonight, and rest up to trudge through the last of this interminal Ohio winter!

Found a kind of kitschy cute site, GOOP, that Gwyneth Paltrow has apparently set up so she can share her thoughts on all things about her life. I did peek around and found their February Newsletter about places to stay and eat in Paris.

I liked the contemporary but warm browns of this ‘luxury boutique’ hotel she highlighted, to be bookmarked whenever I’m back in Paris.

Hotel Montalembert

3, rue de Montalembert
+33 1 45 49 68 68